Our services

On-site Yoga or massage, vehicle rental, surf lessons, board rental, etc please ask us and we will arrange for you or connect you with our local partners. 

Our chef

Our chef can prepare you a range of local or international dishes. Let him know in advance.

The Mugatiya team

They will make your stay special. Keep the premises pristine, maintain the pool and the garden clean. Listen to your needs and your questions. 

Service policy

In order to help our staff with their professional and personal developments, we do our best to interest them in the business and to incentive them when the business is good. On the other hand and this is really not compulsory, we leave it to you to give directly to the staff a service tip if you are happy with the service you have received. This is a great reward for the staff to receive it directly from the guests. In our opinion this is also the best way for them to be motivated, professional and give you a better service so that you have a great time.