Environmentally Aware


From the Outset

We wanted  to respect the country and its people, including the fact that resources are scarcer here than what travelers from developed parts of the world are used to. Preserving nature including limiting waste is also key.

Limiting Use of Plastics

This problem needs no introduction, especially since we are just a walk away from the beach. Unless requested, we won't provide plastic water bottles. Instead, you are welcome to help yourself to unlimited drinking water from our kitchen provided via a Swiss filtration system that removes impurities down to 0.5 micron in size.

100% natural soap and shampoo are provided via dispenser.

No Bath Tubs

Water shortage is a recurrent problem, especially during the hot and dry tourist season. Locals face water cuts on a regular basis during this time. To cool off, please utilize our swimming pool. 


As with the water cuts, locals also constantly face power cuts as infrastructure has not kept up with the boom in  the economy and tourism. As such, air-conditioners are only available in the bedrooms, and we depend on guests to assist by turning them off when out exploring for the day.

Local Artisans, Locally-Sourced Materials, Recycling

Rather than change the character of the place, we have used traditional material and methods in the restoration and new build of the property. We have also made all efforts to reuse material from the old house. The scars and features you see in the doors, beams and columns are there to remind us of their history.


We have employed labour from surrounding villagers with a fair wage during the build, and continue to engage in the community by donating to the temple at the back as well as hiring our current staff from the area.